Late winter hike up Snow Creek Trail

Started from Yosemite Valley and hiked to Mirror Lake before starting assent of Snow Creek Trail.
I remembered about half way up that I swore I’d never go UP this set of switchbacks. 🙂

Ended up camping above the footbridge.

The next morning I started towards Tenya Lake and did some snowshoe exploring, but was cut short by pain in my left knee. It was bad enough that I knew continuing up wasn’t going to happen.

But I did not feel up to returning to the valley that day, so I camped along North Dome Trail and hoped that maybe the pain would be less in the morning and I could try to go over to North Dome. Did have a view of Half Dome at sunset and got to see a nice show that night.

But the knee pain was still bothering me in morning, so I had to return to the Valley via Snow Creek Trail.

Not as much exploring as I’d hoped, but at least I didn’t have to have SAR come bring me out of the wilderness.



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